Six decades
Specialized equipmert
Seasoned technicians
Countries / regions

Rich in experience
Over 60 years of R & D and production, focusing on textile accessories
Technical support
Jinmao Tex service engineers to provide solutions
Global coverage
Outlets at home and abroad, covering main textile market
High quality internal control standard, suitable for high speed

About us
Jinmao Tex has more than half a century of research and development and production experience, annual production and sales: 550,000 boxes of ring travellers, 12 million pcs of steel rings, 150,000 meters of various types of reed. Jinmao Tex products are suitable for cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber, glass fiber and differentiated fiber ring spinning and weaving, exports account for 25% of total sales. The sales volume and market share of ring traveller have maintained the position of "first in China" for more than 20 consecutive years.